Our mission is to guide customers in integrating digital services and transforming corporate solutions into digital engaging experiences

We offer digital solutions

Our solutions are the fusion of two key elements for our company: engineering and creativity
Thanks to our skills, we are able to propose customizable and scalable products.

App and software dev

We develop IOS and Android apps, software and web apps. We work with modern and fast technologies that provide a smooth user experience.


The new generation of advertising and communication. A LED technology that allows you to project images floating in the air with a 3D effect.

Web sites creation

calable, easy to manage, beautiful and functional on every device. We have in-depth knowledge of the main systemsCMS ed E-commerce.


We design courses, E-learning Management System paths with attention to content, means of use, personalization, engagement of learners.

Videos and infographics

We create animated videos and infographics for communication, training and promotion. We take care of live and on demand distribution.


We do graphic design for tradutional and digital media. We give shape to messages and ideas with pixels and ink to transfer them on paper and screens


We offer interactive solutions for companies that want to take full advantage of tools like are  augmented reality, gamification and virtual reality.

Digital events

We deal with the organization and direction of online events.

We guarantee the success of any type of event (from a simple meeting to a large event with thousands of partecipants), connecting users from all over the world in real time.


Our products

We provide our technological <b>know-how</b> to help companies facilitate their processes throught digitalization.

Specifically, we have developed technological solutions to improve corporate communication, with the aim of ensuring internal cohesion and coordination.



The application for business communication


Solutions aimed at improving organizational processes with the aim of optimizing performance


Facilitate content management to simplify and speed up steps


Rapid circulation of information across all levels of the company ensuring timely responses

Behind all this there is a team united by the same passion: technology

We love to study it, experiment it, follow its evolution and understand all its application fields.
It represents the instrument and the result of our projects, in the name of  innovation and progress.

our customers

We work or have worked with many national and international companies. Here is a section from our client portfolio

Cloud partner

Seeweb is the Italian Cloud Provider with over twenty years of experience in the management of its own data centers and in the development of high-performance and customizable IT services.